Tribute to Butja Butja

In memory of my given Aboriginal Mother Butja Butja, Wirrumanu (Balgo) Western Australia. 510 x 760 Arcylic/ Ink on canvas. FOR SALE $600

Oumuamama, 2021

Oumuamama, 2021 Acrylic/ Inks/ Shellac on canvas. 910 x 910 Oumuamama, the name given to the first interstellar “object” observed in our solar system on 19 October 2017. The object was not defined as a asteroid or a comet, due to the irregular movements, it moved towards the sun at 196,000mph, before abruptly returning to interstellar. …

Scramble, 2021

Scramble, 2021 Acrylic/ Enamal/ Inks on canvas. 910 x 910

Lumboh / Well

Lumboh/ Well Acrylic/ Enamel/ Ink on canvas. 910 × 910

Pool, 2020

Pool, 2020 Acrylics/ Inks/ Shellac 1500× 1050 This painting is about remote Aboriginal “Communities”. Artist : Peter J. Cosgrave

Division, 2020

Division, 2020 Acrylic/ Inks/ Shellac 1500×1050 Besides ‘Pool’, this painting is also inspired by remote Aboriginal “Community”. Artist : Peter J. Cosgrave

Remorse, 2020

    “Remorse” 2020 Acrylic/ inks/ shellac on canvas. 1200×1800. Artist: Peter J Cosgrave