Sucker Fish

  Sucker Fish, 2017 Oregon/ Red Gum/ Ebony 46×19×11 Collection of Ian D Gill. Based in the town of Seventeen- Seventy, Queensland, the Sucker fish is utilised by Aborigional People’s to catch turtles. A rope is attached to the fishes tail, on spotting a turtle, the fish is released, which in turn, attaches itself to the …

The Sentry -1991

  The Sentry, 1991 Steel, sand, pindan, lead, acrylic, skeleton parts, feather. 35x15x 30 Collection of Chrissy Rae WA.  A journey across the Nullarbor,  the Wedgetailed Eagles are constantly hovering/ patrolling the highway, seeking food.  I gave homage to a deceased wedgetailed, found on the roadside. “The Sentry”.

Worm – 1988

Worm 1988 Fibre cement/ Granite rock. 6m x 70 x 70 Avoca, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. The sculpture was to commemorate the closure of the Avoca copper mine, decades of tunneling before open cast mining shows worm-like features. In Ireland older abandoned houses, have a flagstone placed over the chimney, to prevent rain from entering the …

Ceramics – 1982

Ceramics 1982 32x22x10 The piece was molded on the human from a knee/arms section, raku fired.